• About this item.
  • Low strength aspirin (81mg) with an enteric safety coating designed to dissolve safely in your small intestine.
  • For temporary relief of headaches, toothaches, muscle pain, minor arthritis pain, menstrual pain, and colds.
  • Safer for your stomach while still delivering the heart health benefits of aspirin.
  • Speak to your doctor first about whether aspirin is right for you.
  • 365 safety coated tablets.
  • Imported from USA.
If you're looking for a daily aspirin product that’s safer for your stomach and still delivers the heart health benefits of aspirin, Ecotrin Low Strength is a great choice. Ecotrin is always safety coated for overall heart health and stomach safety. Aspirin works to prevent the platelets in your blood from clumping and clotting in your arteries, improving blood flow to your heart and brain. The safety (or 'enteric') coating on Ecotrin aspirin prevents the aspirin from dissolving in the stomach. Instead, it is designed to pass through the stomach and dissolve in the small intestine, where most nutrients and drugs are absorbed anyway. Thus, the stomach lining is protected from irritation. That's why Ecotrin is the aspirin regimen that’s smart for your heart and stomach. Speak to your doctor before starting an aspirin regimen.

Ecotrin Low Strength Safety Coated Aspirin | NSAID | 81mg | 365 Tablets