• Liquid sweetener with sugar-like taste but no calories - Practical and easy to apply..
  • For those who want to avoid sugar, Replaces sugar in beverages, cooking and baking..
  • Can be heated - Made in Sweden - Can be mixed with any other sweetener..
  • BIG size bottle - 100 ml/Comes with a English label + 1 pipette included..
  • We are selling more sugar-free products and sweeteners (See our other listings)..
  • Imported from UK.
Sucralose is the Zero Calorie Sweetener. It has sugar-like taste but without the calories. Unlike other sweeteners it can therefore be heated, making it ideal not only for drinks but also for cooking and baking. A single drop of Sucralose equals half a sugar cube, and 100 ml is equivalent to 3 kg (6.60 lbs) of ordinary sugar.

Sucralose - Liquid Sweetener - 100 ml - Sugar Suitable for Cooking and Baking.