• Comes with open source drivers for the Raspberry Pi, ESP8266 and the Arduino.
  • 4 Channels of 16 bit Analog to Digital Conversion based on TI ADS1115.
  • Works Perfectly with the Pi2Grover Grove Interface to the Raspberry Pi.
  • On board status LEDS for Power and I2C activity.
  • Full Documentation for Raspberry Pi on
  • Imported from USA.
The lack of an Analog to Digital Converter is a pain on the Raspberry Pi. You want to read those real world signals all the time and we didn't have a good way of doing it. And not one really workable ADC for the Grove existed until now. SwitchDoc Labs designed the Grove4Ch16BitADC board board to fulfill the need. It brings 4 channels of 16 bit Analog to the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the ESP8266. Based on the industry standard ADS1115 IC. The Grove 4 Ch 16bit ADC connects to a Grove I2C connector and supplies 4 channels of Grove Analog plugs for your projects.

Grove I2C 4 Ch / 16 Bit Analog to Digital Converter for Raspberry Pi/Arduino / ESP8266