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  • 3 Month Supply! Catalase Extreme 10,000 Anti-Aging Formula is a natural catalase supplement with 10000 units of the enzyme, Catalase, plus Biotin, Foti, PABA, Saw Palmetto & many more powerful nutrients, which can help hair look more youthful, thicker & fuller..
  • Catalase Extreme 10,000 Hair Vitamins Formula helps to provide the body with more Catalase, which slowly depletes as we age. When catalase levels decline, a naturally occurring compound in the body that causes the hair to age can't be broken down, which can cause hair to be whitened from the inside out..
  • Catalase Provides Benefits to the hair and body by promoting reversal of aging hair. Our Catalase Supplement can help to naturally reverse aging hair, while helping to make it thicker & fuller. We have put 10,000 IUs of Catalase in every serving, so you can look as young as you feel with the help of our healthy anti-aging catalase enzyme..
  • Catalase Extreme 10,000 is specifically formulated for your hair with a concentration of Catalase to help stop & aging hair from the inside out, while encouraging thicker & fuller hair.
  • Also Available in Catalase Shampoo and Catalase Conditioner! Try our Color My Gray Shampoo & Conditioner too!.
  • Imported from USA.
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Catalase Extreme 10,000 3 Month Supply Catalase Enzyme Hair Supplement with 10,000 IU's of Catalase, Saw Palmetto, FoTi, Biotin, PABA, and More 180 Count