• Imported from USA.
    Nenuco is the clean fresh splash that can be used by the whole family, as after shave or cologne. You will be delighted with its refreshing aroma. There is nothing more Spanish. Nenuco is used to freshen virtually all the babies of Spain The fresh lively scent of this citrus-like cologne is so inviting, that many Spaniards splash some on when they go to school and some throughout their lives. An unsolicited comment from a member of the La Tienda community sums it up: "I used Nenuco with my first born. I loved it because he always smelled clean and fresh. I used it with my second child, also a boy, and loved it even more. Then I started using it after my showers. I always get comments on how nice is the smell and how soft."

    Nenuco Baby Cologne Agua De Colonia 20oz./600ml (Pack of 2)