• Fast-Acting Chest Congestion Relief – These 400mg mucus relief sinus caplets provide day and night extended release support to loosen and thin phlegm buildup..
  • Long-Lasting, Extended Support – Offer 4 hour continuous relief, our mucus and nasal decongestant is a powerful expectorant that promotes clearer breathing..
  • Proactive Dual-Layer – These bi-layer caplets help treat chest congestion symptoms with an immediate-release layer and extended-release layer for ideal support..
  • Easy-to-Swallow Capsules – Small in size but big in power, enjoy cough mucus relief with tablets that can be used by those with allergies, colds, infections, and flu bugs..
  • Breathe a Little Easier – Loosening up phlegm and thin bronchial secretions makes coughs more productive to help you breathe more clearly with less heavy tension..
  • Imported from USA.
Release Chest Congestion and Restore Clearer Breathing When your breathing is bogged down by thick, heavy mucus and phlegm, it can really make it hard to take deep, relaxing breaths; especially if you’re struggling through a cold, flu, or allergies. That’s why we created ValuMeds Mucus Relief Caplets that provide the power decongestant you need to break up mucus, reduce inflammation, and clean out your airways.

ValuMeds Mucus Relief Caplets Guaifenesin 400mg (200 Caplets) | Chest Congestion and Decongestant | Thins and Loosens Buildup | Fast Acting