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  • BEST 3-IN-1 CHEMICAL PEEL FOR INSTANT RESULTS & LONG TERM BENEFITS – Voibella's pure triple-action peel contains the 3 best natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), Glycolic, Lactic Acid and Peruvic Acid, that helps to remove excess oil and dead skin cells. Each AHA helps to exfoliate & resurface your skin, revealing younger and smoother looking skin. The peeling happens in SMALL PARTICLES. You won't pull away layers of skin. Dead skin cells are flushed away in very small particles when you rinse off..
  • NATURAL AHA EXFOLIANT FOR FINE LINES, ACNE, SCARS, PORES & BRIGHTENING – A chemical facial exfoliator mask can be much more effective than scrubs and microdermabrasion. The AHA's work by gently exfoliating and removing dead skin cells, which increases cell regeneration, replacing old cells with new cells, exposing a younger looking skin surface. With continued use the AHA's reduce fine lines & wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, acne, blackheads, scars, and tightens your pores for smoother skin..
  • SAFE & EASY GLYCOLIC ACID PEEL GIVES SUPERIOR RESULTS – Unlike harsh and dangerous 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 or 70% glycolic acid peels that could damage and burn your skin, you can safely use Voibella's natural and pure 7.5% AHA Fruit Acid Chemical Peel daily, for amazing results! First time: apply it, wait 30 seconds, and wash it off. If your skin can tolerate it, increase leave on time, for maximum results. Still had a reaction? Contact us immediately for assistance..
  • OUR PURE, FILLER FREE GLYCOLIC ACID PEEL VS OTHER BRANDS WITH HIGH % - When it comes to chemical peels, the PH is what matters, as this determines how strong the overall acid content, and potency is of the product. Be careful of other brands advertising suposedly more potent products with high % of Glycolic Acid. They lower their PH, and reduce their costs, with other added ingredients and fillers. Our serum product is a PURE, FILLER FREE peel that has a PH of 1.5 which is more way potent!.
  • WHAT MAKES VOIBELLA UNIQUELY BETTER? - Voibella is an ethical family owned business. We use and believe in our own products. This Chemical Peel Treatment Kit is made in small batches right here in the USA in GMP certified facilities. Our product is made with natural ingredients, is paraben and sulfate free. Its also vegan-friendly and cruelty free. With us customers and your benefits, are our main priority, so we back ourselves with a 365-Day Manufacturers Guarantee!.
  • Imported from USA.
"TIRED OF YOUR DULL OR OLDER LOOKING SKIN, THAT IS FULL OF FINE LINES, BLEMISHES, ACNE SCARS OR DARK SPOTS?" -Did you know there is a way to get rid of those old, dead skin cells? - An exfoliator that will actively help your skin to regenerate new skin cells to reveal a younger looking skin underneath? -A solution for a smoother looking skin with less fine lines, blemishes and dark spots? WHAT YOU NEED IS A NATURAL FRUIT ACID CHEMICAL PEEL! INTRODUCING - Voibella's Pure 3-in-1 Glycolic Fruit Acid Peel with 3 natural AHAs! This chemical exfoliator helps to remove excess oil and dead skin cells to resurface your skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes and acne scars. By removing the excess oil, it also helps to reduce breakouts and blackheads! HERE ARE SOME BENEFITS OUR CUSTOMERS EXPERIENCED: * Exfoliates skin * Reduces fine lines and wrinkles * Reduces break outs, acne scars and blackheads, with continued use * Reduces blemishes and dark spots * Helps to give a smoother, tighter, younger looking skin HOW TO USE IT FOR MAXIMUM RESULTS? Simply apply all over your face, avoiding the eyes, and leave on for a few minutes. Then rinse off with water, and apply your toner, and other skincare products. You can use it daily! Increase leave on time, as your skin tolerance increases for maximum results. First time using acid peels or sensitive skin? Leave it on for only 30 seconds on a small area as a test. Rinse it off and watch how your skin reacts. If all good, use it as directed on package. If you feel tingling or burn in only 30 secs or less, keep that as your leave-on time until skin tolerates it better. Grab it today, RISK FREE, and start seeing anti-aging results sooner!

Glycolic Acid Peel - Chemical Peel For Face - Skin Resurfacing Exfoliant with Lactic Acid & Pyruvic Fruit Acid (AHA) - Professional Facial Exfoliator Kit & Mask for Dark Spots & Acne Scars Treatment