• The royalty 710 is a medium firm which means its firmer than a regular medium but not as firm as a medium hard. This brush has a purple reinforced exterior which makes the bristles feel firmer. This brush is a sought after brush and a customer favorite.This brush is not for shower brushing if your looking for a shower brush consider buying the Royalty 726 Shower brush..
  • With all my brushes they will shed for the first month so dont be alarmed if you see bristles coming out of your brush refer to the white card inside the brush box. This is done on purpose to ensure the longevity of the brush..
  • Royalty brushes are hand painted so every brush will look different.Dont be alarmed if the royalty you receive dont look exactly like the pictures they will all have a different color variation so there wont be 2 brushes that are identical..
  • Royalty brushes are not for the shower except the Royalty 726 which was made specifically for shower brushing and wash and styles..
  • Every Royalty brush has a white card inside the box the brush is in that shows you how to take care of your brush step by step and what to avoid to ensure the longevity of the brush..
  • Imported from USA.
Royalty brushes are hand painted so each brush will look different. The brush you will receive will look slightly different from the actual picture.The color really depends so take that into consideration as hand painted brushes never come out looking identical. This brush is not for shower brushing or wash and styles I made a brush for shower brushing its the bk726. Check out my other line of brushes Torino Pro also please read the white brush maintenance card that comes inside the box. Don't get alarmed if your bristles come out of your new brush as this is done on purpose as i overstuff it on purpose for longevity reasons . This stops after a few weeks and its completely normal.

Royalty By Brush King Wave Brush #710- Reinforced Medium Waves Brush - From The Maker Of Torino Pro 360 Wave Brushes

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