• NO MORE EXCRUCIATING MUSCLE CRAMPS – Left feeling unrested and lethargic from leg cramps at night? Sick of suffering through painful pregnancy cramps? Soothe spasming muscles with Anti Leg Cramps, your all-natural, lasting muscle cramp remedy!.
  • PATENTED FORMULA, PROVEN RESULTS – Anti Leg Cramps are clinically tested and proven effective, plus contain zero painkillers! Each capsule contains 190 mg of our patented, food-grade formula: magnesium and enriching vitamins from the Dead Sea..
  • 80% REPORTED IMMEDIATE CRAMP RELIEF – Keep science on your side and sleep soundly through the night! Your fast-acting capsules administer much-needed magnesium to the body, improving circulation and alleviating cramping in the legs, calves, feet, and toes..
  • NO ALLERGIES OR UPSET STOMACH – Achieve immediate, long-term muscle cramp relief without troubling side effects! Take 1-2 vegan, gluten-free Anti Leg Cramps capsules without worry of indigestion..
  • SATISFACTION DAY & NIGHT – With Anti Leg Cramps, you’ll sleep free of pain on the very first night, and that’s a promise. But if your tablets don’t suit you for any reason, just let us know. We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back!.
  • Imported from USA.
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