• BREATHE FREE & EASY - Loaded with arnica, Echinacea, and other natural plant extracts, these cat cold pills help ease the respiratory tract to relieve wheezing, gagging, or congestion..
  • ONLY NATURAL EXTRACTS - Unlike other respiratory relief formulas that contain chemicals and preservatives, these gluten-free, plant-based cat congestion pills are safe for daily consumption..
  • NO MORE LARGE CAPSULES - It can be difficult to force your kitty to swallow large tablets. With its small size and flavorless taste, your cat will have no trouble swallowing these pills..
  • FOR CATS OF ALL AGES - Whether you are a pet parent to a kitten or a grumpy old cat, this homeopathic feline nose relief solution can help clear breathing issues for cats of all breeds and sizes..
  • LOVE IT OR GET IT FREE - If you are not satisfied with the quality of these cat respiratory pills, reach out to us! Each purchase is fully refundable--no need to send back the bottle..
  • Imported from USA.
Is your cat always coughing, wheezing, or having trouble breathing normally? As with us humans, our feline friends can also experience respiratory discomfort. If your furry pal constantly sneezes, coughs, or has trouble breathing freely, those can all be signs that your cat is nursing a respiratory condition. There are over-the-counter prescription solutions aimed at providing relief for these ailments. But these can contain harsh chemicals that can trigger unwanted side effects. If you need a natural homeopathic solution for your coughing kitty, this supplement is up for the job. Clear out your cat's sniffles with the BestLife4Pets Breathe Easy for Cats. Respiratory feline issues can be caused by airborne allergens, irritants, and chronic stress - triggering endless bouts of wheezing, coughing, sneezing, and sniffling. These small pills are all about delivering quick relief from symptoms, allowing your cat to breathe freely again in no time. We value your kitty's health and wellness above all else. This non-GMO health supplement only features natural plant extracts and does not contain any alcohol, chemicals, sugars, gluten, or synthetic preservatives that can do more harm than good. To administer, just give 2 pellets to your cat twice a day, regardless of its breed, size, or age. The pellets may also be dissolved in a bit of water if preferred. Need more time to make a decision? Here are more reasons why your cat needs this supplement: 🐈 May be taken together with other medicine 🐈 Helps boost immunity 🐈 Promotes healthy nasal and sinus tract function Safely end your cat's coughing spells. Add the BestLife4Pets Breathe Easy for Cats to your cart TODAY!

Breathe Easy Respiratory Support for Cats - Relief for Sore Throat, Cat Flu, Sneezing, Runny Nose, Breathing Issues, and Bronchial Inflammation - Non-Drowsy, Easy to Use Supplement (450 pills)