• ?: This product is for entertainment between friends, remember! Can not be used continuously, and too hard!.
  • ?: Using this product is more expensive, you may create a concussion if you accidentally!.
  • ?: Not only can friends entertain! Can also be used as a bottle opener! Let you be the protagonist at the party!.
  • ?: The product itself is a set. If you want to be more cool, please buy three sets of products. Up to three sets of products can be assembled and used!.
  • ?: Devil-like tidy, let your friends remember you forever! (a toy that allows a friend to die).
  • Imported from USA.
Product Details A fun, smashing toy, a game that everyone played when they were young. However, please use it properly. After you have used it once for your friends, your friends will give you a break! Because it is so painful! The product is made of stainless steel and can easily break glass cups, ceramic bowls, nuts and other items! You can also easily break some apples, watermelons and other fruits! In the process of competition, there is no disadvantage! There are other uses for the product! 1: Finger exerciser: When the finger presses the guitar, the strength of the string is not enough! A friend who is prone to break. You can wear long-term training on the corresponding fingers and increase the power of your fingers! 2: Self-defense weapons! You can fold the product into a weapon that is easy to hold and counterattack when you receive an attack! 3: Opener: We have a bottle opener groove at the first joint of the finger! 4: It can be used as a pendant for a backpack, which is especially convenient to use! With this product, I believe that no friends will not give you face! If you have to get him! Warning again, please be nice to your friends!

Otun Tricky Tool, use Your Fingers to Play Other People's Heads, Bottle Opener, self-Defense Weapons, Creative Gifts, Finger cots, Stainless Steel, Friend's Death