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  • GUT HEALTH – Due to processed, industrial foods, our gut health has become more and more contaminated and unbalanced, robbing our body of its ability to absorb essential nutrients. Our Advanced Probiotic aides in replenishing good gut micro flora, while our Prebiotic helps the new, good bacteria displace the undesirable strains..
  • SUPREME BLEND – Our custom blend of probiotics and prebiotics work together to help get your gut back in check. Our formula has been lab tested, and contains 4.4 billion CFU per serving with 15 mg prebiotics. Our delayed release capsules ensure that you can get the maximum health benefits throughout the day..
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – After taking our Advanced Probiotic, you may notice increased energy, reduced bloating and better digestion due to a balanced micro flora..
  • RISK FREE - As with all Alaya Naturals products, shop with confidence knowing that your order is always backed by a 100% money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied..
  • Imported from USA.
Our bodies handle more stress than ever before, from the pace of modern life to daily exposure to chemicals and pollutants. And even as we ask our bodies to do more, our food offers fewer minerals and nutrients, thanks to industrial farming and the convenience of processed foods. Maintaining a healthy balance of gut microflora, the foundation of a healthy immune system may benefit from intentional support. Alaya Naturals’ Advanced Probiotic offers lab-tested, non-GMO support for your hardworking intestinal microbiome, including prebiotics to help those good bacteria flourish.

Alaya Naturals - Advanced Probiotic with Prebiotic, 4.4 Billion CFU Supports Gut Health, Delayed Release, 60 Capsules