• High Temperature Resistance.
  • Great for vulcanized rubber molding.
  • Very smooth surface with high resolution in metal grey color.
  • Ideal for jewlery, dental (works on Moonray) and other hitemp applications.
  • Imported from USA.
Are you looking for an engineering resin that has high temperature resistance for your project? Then Sculpt is the perfect resin for you. Feature: ✔High-Temperature Resistance. ✔ Great for vulcanized rubber molding ✔ Ideal for jewelry casting, GK kit, and many applications that requires hi-temp resistence ✔Smooth Surface Finishes ✔High Resolution ✔Beautiful Metal Grey Color ✔Easy to Clean and sand ✔Optimized for LCD/DLP printing ✔Great for printing tabletop minis, digital sculptures or application that requires high-temperature resistance,

Sculpt (1kg) High Temp Resin for for Engineering, Industrial Use, Jewelry and Dental Application on DLP/LCD/SLA Printers