• PROFESSIONAL CUT - Save money on professional haircuts. Great for trimming bangs, or when Dad's hair looks a little shaggy around the ears. No styling experience needed. Cuts straight, even lengths with a professional touch..
  • FAST & EASY - Makes trimming as easy as combing your hair. After inserting a blade, just select desired length using long side of comb or shorter side of comb, then comb your way to a clean cut..
  • INCLUDES 6 BLADES - Accommodates any double edge blade. Comes with set of 6..
  • DETAILS - Plastic. 8"L x 1.5"W. Includes 6 blades..
  • Home-X is a registered trademark of Simply Home Solutions..
  • Imported from USA.
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Hair Cutting Styling Razor Comb with 6 Blades - by Home-X

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